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Tuesday :: Jul 25, 2017

Letter From Out of Control California

by paradox

07/25/17 0417.53 PST
San Jose, California

Out of control, that was the frightened parental accusation put upon California after the catastrophic election 2016, for calls had gone out that now we were under the yokel of an idiot who would withdraw from the Paris climate accords it was time to secede from the Union.

Galactic in absurdity—secession from the Union is as likely as yours truly preparing breakfast for Alicia Silverstone—I still always like secession talk when it bubbles up, for it highlights how truly huge we are economically and civically and what we really could do in the Union if we chose to.

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Friday :: Jul 7, 2017

Putin Owns Trump

by Deacon Blues

All you need to know in confirming that Donald Trump is a willing agent of Vladimir Putin is this: Trump raised the "alleged" involvement of Russia in our election with Putin today, Putin denied it, and then Trump accepted that and moved on. Game. Set. Match.

This is what a controlled agent would do. Imagine the reaction if Hillary Clinton had reacted like this to Putin's denial. How quickly would Fox News and Breitbart call for her impeachment?

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Wednesday :: Jul 5, 2017

Ignore Him, and Impose Sanctions

by Deacon Blues

I don't mean to minimize the North Korea problem the United States now faces, but allow me to say that all the hyperventilating right now is useless because the solution is relatively simple: Trump needs to work with like-minded allies to impose targeted economic sanctions on Pyongyang, and those who still do business with them, including China.

There is no reason to reward Kim Jong-Un with chest-thumping and warlike actions, when the little bastard clearly acts up only to get respect and be invited to the big table. And yes, Trump clearly had no plan of his own for dealing with Pyongyang other than hoping that he could talk China into dealing with the problem for him, in exchange for him going soft on trade with Beijing. Well, that didn't work.

I'm not in the mood right now to hear from Obama administration types about what should be done, because they had 8 years and Obama couldn't be bothered to actively engage. Nor am I in the mood to listen to BS from China and Russia about backing off in exchange for no further tests, because that only enables those two countries to keep doing little and getting away with it.

If Trump can resist his worst impulses, he has the chance to actually pressure Kim Jong Un, put him in a box, and have the world ignore him until his patrons can move him towards an opening. My fear however is that Trump is exactly the type of loon who sees a war as his best way to become the dictator he aims to be. Let's hope I am wrong and Trump seizes the opportunity in front of him to ignore the little bastard and deal directly with him and his enablers through economic means.

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