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Sunday :: Aug 6, 2017

A Government of Laws, Not Men

by paradox

A statement by John Adams enshrined into the mythology of the American Way, to live here means not to live under the brutal violent heel of some tyrant where various abuses can arrive at any moment, but a stable, relatively quiet existence of civil codification that must be adhered to by everyone.

You know how The Man puts it, the tectonically mighty American Rule of Law, implacable in its righteousness for the continued happiness of our little peole. Ahhh, yeah.

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Tuesday :: Jul 25, 2017

Letter From Out of Control California

by paradox

07/25/17 0417.53 PST
San Jose, California

Out of control, that was the frightened parental accusation put upon California after the catastrophic election 2016, for calls had gone out that now we were under the yokel of an idiot who would withdraw from the Paris climate accords it was time to secede from the Union.

Galactic in absurdity—secession from the Union is as likely as yours truly preparing breakfast for Alicia Silverstone—I still always like secession talk when it bubbles up, for it highlights how truly huge we are economically and civically and what we really could do in the Union if we chose to.

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