Monday :: Mar 3, 2003

How the GOP Deceives Voters About Their Environmental Commitment

by Steve

Those of us who have wondered why the environment hasn’t been a more lethal issue against the Republicans recently need to read the New York Times story over the weekend on how GOP pollster Frank Luntz has trained the GOP to recast their message towards deceiving voters. Similar to the guide that Newt Gingrich’s GOPAC put out in the mid-90’s instructing GOP candidates on what attack phrases to use against Democrats, Luntz now has managed to convince the GOP that they can obfuscate their near-total lack of commitment to the environment by using “green-friendly” words to convince voters otherwise. It has already worked in the Wayne Allard-Tom Strickland US Senate race this past November, where Allard should have been ripe for sustained attacks by Strickland on the environment.

Read the story and the acceptable words that the GOP will be using in next year’s races to see signs of such deception. The only way to counter this of course is for Democrats to demand that the media focus on the GOP candidates’ actual records, not their words. Democratic candidates must make an issue of these deceiving words in their ad campaigns against GOP candidates, particularly against the biggest liar of them all: George W. Bush.

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