Monday :: Mar 10, 2003

Have War-Fatigued Voters Cashed in on Bush?

by Steve

With George W. Bush prepared to plow into Iraq possibly against Poppy’s advice and possibly at the cost of his key ally Tony Blair, a recent slew of polls show that Bush is in trouble, even while support for the war has climbed. Does this signify that voters have reached a “get it over with” attitude about the war while throwing in the towel on the bungled presidency of George W. Bush?

These numbers indicate that this is possible.

According to several new polls at, not only are Bush’s re-elect numbers now equal to, or below that of unnamed Democratic challengers, but his approval ratings are dropping while his disapproval numbers are near their highest ever. And this is happening at a time when the latest CBS News/New York Times poll shows increased support for an invasion even without UN support.

Moreover, one poll shows voters have had their fill of one-party control, with the latest Ipsos-Reid/Cook Political Report showing that Democrats are now favored over Republicans in the generic Congress 2004 poll by a margin of 43-39. Keep in mind that this is happening at a time when Democrats are finally speaking up and attacking Bush on all subjects, even foreign policy, notwithstanding the inane blather from corporate media whores like the Washington Post about the Democrats’ alleged lack of focus and effectiveness.

While it is possible that all of these poll numbers will turn around when Bush invades and if all goes reasonably well, a closer look at the Times poll may be instructive. It has been presumed all along that Bush’s fortunes are tied to the war, and how well it goes. Yet the most recent poll didn’t show a corresponding increase in Bush’s popularity when the support for the war went up. Instead, his disapproval number shot up five points after his most recent stage-managed press conference. This suggests a disconnect between Bush’s one source of alleged strength and voters’ approval of him.

Bush may no longer have the war to bank on. With the economy and direction of the country so bad that he is losing to unnamed Democrats, and with his party losing its edge over Democrats in next year’s elections, you can imagine how GOP leaders are tight-sphinctered over their ties to a man who has led them to an all-or-nothing reelection strategy.

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