Wednesday :: Mar 12, 2003

How Detached From Reality are Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman?

by Steve

Maureen Dowd, while revealing how much of a laughingstock both Ari Fleischer and Paul Wolfowitz have become with their claims of imaginary friends who support us, also catches up to what some of us have been theorizing for months now: Bush and the Pax Americana crowd have no use for international alliances or multilateral support for our adventurisms. Of course, it would have been nice for Dowd and others in the media to have focused on this and the Pax Americana stuff between 1997, when it first came out, and 2000. But that would have distracted them from focusing on Clinton’s zipper or Gore’s woodenness and alleged lies.

And Tom Friedman’s column today, wherein he pleas for George W. Bush to be Wilsonian and fly off to Paris to fashion a consensus is not only laughable this late in the game, but demonstrates how out of touch our alleged pre-eminent foreign policy columnist is with the motus operandi of an Administration he supposedly has been watching like the rest of us for two years now. Earth to Tom: these are the same guys you have been writing somewhat complimentary stuff about for the last two years. Again, if you had paid attention to the Pax Americana manifesto after it was issued, and if you had connected the dots between that and Bush’s likely foreign policy appointments sometime during the 2000 campaign, we might be better off today.

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