Friday :: Mar 14, 2003

So Much for the Convention

by Steve

Under the category of “the best laid plans….”, I was looking forward to tonight. Not only was I going to the state Democratic Party convention in Sacramento and put some time in working for Kerry’s campaign prior to his speech tonight, but I was going to hook up with two guys I respect in the weblog mini-industry: Kos, who got me my start in this racket while guest-hosting at the mighty DailyKos, but also JB Armstrong of the very fine MyDD.

Well, thanks to a series of work meetings that ran way too long, I missed my staging meeting with the Kerry advance team, which was my meal ticket to get into the convention. And after losing the number to Kos’s cellphone, I also lost the ability to hook up with those guys too. Mom said there were going to be days like this. At least I got the chance to have a nice lunch with good friends earlier today.

Well, at any rate, I’m left outside and at home tonight, cruising for information on what crisis Bush will politicize and screw up now.

Happy hunting!

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