Sunday :: Mar 16, 2003

Sunday Afternoon Quick Hits

by Steve

Several short items on the last Sunday of peace in the world before Bush’s war this week:

Tom Friedman writes a good column today on why Tony Blair should be leading the campaign for an Iraqi invasion rather than Bush.

Maureen Dowd states again the obvious: the Bushies never wanted to give peace and multilateralism a chance. They wanted to test pre-emption and will now get that chance.

David Westphal of the McClatchy papers reports that after Iraq, it’s on to Iran, Syria and wherever else that Perle/Wolfowitz/Cheney want to go.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. looks like he has about had it with Bush and is ready to head back towards Dick Gephardt.

And Linda Greenhouse, the New York Times’ respected Supreme Court reporter, manages to write a story on how William Rehnquist must be pleased with the Court’s reaffirmation of states’ rights, without mentioning the inconsistency of the Bush vs. Gore decision against such a principle.

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