Saturday :: Mar 22, 2003

A Comment About US TV Coverage

by Steve

This war and the several actions/wars that preceded it represent the perfect merging of low intensity conflict with the lessons learned from Vietnam about managing coverage.

Since Vietnam, we have engaged in what are really low intensity conflicts where we refrain as much as possible from risky adventures and rely on overwhelming force and technology to minimize our potential losses. In essence, we beat up on third world countries because we can, and rationalize the collateral damage of civilian casualties by manipulating the media into avoiding the subject as much as possible.

Our domestic media has an interest in maintaining access to the power center in the White House and also being seen to be in the middle of the action. So this White House, more than any other, has taken those two needs of the media and developed the embedding concept, which is the perfect way to minimize dissent and coverage adverse to the Administration. And in looking at the domestic TV coverage, it is working perfectly.

This is not a comment on the war itself, but you can see how this marriage of convenience for an administration with a worldwide agenda can assist them in pursuing more and more low intensity conflicts until the reality of our actions and the consequences from them break through the domestic TV media and come home to viewers and voters. It will not happen in this war, but it may happen when we go into Iran next.

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