Tuesday :: Mar 25, 2003

Bush's Initial Iraq Bill Costs Him His Tax Package

by Steve

Just this morning, I was getting ready to post an “I Eat Crow” piece about this. As you may remember, I wrote an entry last week where I called the Bush domestic agenda in trouble because moderates in the Senate were about to stand firm and cut his tax cut in half. Then on Friday, and again today, news outlets were reporting that the moderates had caved and Bush was about to force most of his package through regardless of deficits and his supplemental war appropriation he presented yesterday.

But wait. Just now, the President got spanked when the Senate reversed itself and cut the tax package in half by a vote of 51-48. This was after Bush came out and requested over $70 billion yesterday as a first installment for the initial 30 days of the Iraq war and expected occupation. Now less than 24 hours after that budget buster, the moderates regained the upper hand and stopped the Bush plan dead in its tracks.

Go figure.

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