Tuesday :: Mar 25, 2003

CNN Dumps Connie Chung

by Steve

The news tonight that CNN and Connie Chung have parted company is a blessing for those of us who are fans of nonfluff, nonhero-worshipping news operations. You remember what those are, right?

News operations that actually care about reporting what is happening, not what the Administration is dictating to them.

News operations that wouldn’t let the White House doctor their quotes before publishing them.

News operations that valued getting there first with quality correspondents, not political hacks masquerading as journalists.

News operations that cared more about telling the truth than maintaining access at Georgetown cocktail parties.

You know, the way CNN used to be before Walter Isaacson sold his soul and the network’s legacy to pander to rightwingers in Congress. I for one would be thrilled if CNN returned to its roots and didn’t care that Fox was grabbing more viewers for now. But after hearing how NBC set up Phil Donahue for failure by dumbing down his show and putting more conservatives on it, I will not hold my breath to see what CNN does to replace Chung. With our luck, we’ll end up with an hour of Ann Coulter.

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