Wednesday :: Mar 26, 2003

What the Brits See and Read That We Do Not

by Steve

Leave it to the British papers to tell us the following; you sure as hell won’t see or hear it from watching the hero-worshipping crap from CNN or Fox News.

So much for being greeted as liberators.

And our fingerprints are all over the looming humanitarian disaster now unfolding.

Don’t dismiss too easily those stories that Bush and Blair will be hounded as war criminals, and that the UN will take up a resolution very soon to stop such carnage as this. (But will you see or get a straight story about this on Fox?)

And the Brits are finding out how Mr. Bush’s friends in the media are manufacturing support for the war, while they are also being shown that dissent is no longer tolerated in this country.

Do you ever think you would be able to sit down and watch a network or cable news show in this country and see the above stories aired back to back, if at all?

Not bloody likely.

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