Saturday :: Apr 12, 2003

The GOP and Their Tax Cut: Time to Fight?

by Steve

Isn’t total GOP control of the government great? Now Tom DeLay is mad at Chuck Grassley about a deal promised to moderate GOP Senators that the eventual size of the tax cut would not exceed $350 billion. DeLay is unwilling to accept the fact that the Bush package won’t leave the Senate if it is any bigger than that amount, and probably assumes that Bush’s post-war bounce ensures he can push through the full amount, which Grassley knows isn’t going to happen.

Question: would this be a good time for the Democrats to make things difficult for the GOP and come out against any tax cut, using the Concord Coalition for cover? As my right-of-center friend John Cole pointed out a few weeks ago, why are Democrats playing on the GOP’s side of the field? Let’s cut to the chase: no tax cut as long as there are so many unmet needs and a sky-is-the-limit adventurism in foreign policy. We do not know how much Iraq will cost us, and then there are Syria, Iran, North Korea, ...

If Bush wants to remake the world for Ariel Sharon and his place in heaven, make him spell out how much it will cost, and what will not get done here at home before he gets another tax cut. This is an issue that begs for Howard Dean to take the lead.

Let’s make Bush pay for his campaign promises and Christian/Likud missions before he gives his buddies any more money out of the Treasury.

Is this class warfare?

You betcha.

Bring it on.

Let us see how long those seventy-plus poll numbers hold up when voters get to see how the costs of such adventures and unbridled zeal overseas, with their resulting deficits are squeezing out unmet needs here at home.

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