Saturday :: Apr 12, 2003

Unfortunately, Richard Perle Keeps Talking

by Steve

Like the crazy uncle who won’t go away, Richard Perle keeps talking to overseas media with Bush’s full blessing. He has listed the next states on Bush’s dance card, and made an interesting observation on Saudi Arabia:

The former official in Republican administrations said the United States also has "a serious problem" with Saudi Arabia, where he said both private individuals and the government had poured money into extremist organizations. ."This poses such an obvious threat to the United States that it is intolerable that they continue to do this," he warned.

By Perle’s logic then, groups tied to Saudis who allegedly funnel money to extremist groups are an “obvious threat” to the United States. Since the Carlyle Group manages the money for the Saudi BinLaden Corporation (SBC) and since the SBC and Saudi government are alleged by many to be still financing Al Qaeda, then by Perle’s logic isn’t the Carlyle Group posing an obvious threat to the United States?

And doesn’t that make his dad a threat to national security?

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