Wednesday :: Apr 23, 2003

Gephardt Shows Guts-Proposes Universal Coverage Paid by Repealing Bush Tax Cuts

by Steve

Dick Gephardt today proposed a plan for universal health care, paid for by repealing Bush 2001 tax cuts. He says it will be the centerpiece of his campaign.

Good for Gephardt.

Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt on Wednesday detailed his plan to give all Americans access to health insurance, the centerpiece of his presidential campaign and what he called the "moral issue of our time."

Gephardt said the first bill he would send to Congress as president would require every company to provide health insurance for its employees, with 60 percent of the cost paid by a refundable tax credit. The bill also would repeal Bush's tax cuts to pay the more than $200 billion annual cost to the federal government.

Thankfully, Gephardt used some pointed language against Bush in selling it.

"This is the right way to stimulate the economy -- not knee-jerk tax cuts that do nothing but pay off George Bush's wealthy campaign contributors while killing economic growth," the Missouri congressman said in a speech to the Service Employees International Union, which represents 1.5 million health care workers.

Gephardt said he would repeal all the tax cut that President Bush signed into law two years ago. The law cut income tax rates, provided tax relief for married couples, increased the child credit and reduced the inheritance tax. Gephardt spokesman Erik Smith said the lawmaker is open to revisiting the marriage provision, the child credit and the inheritance portion.

Gephardt challenged Bush and his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination to come up with a health care plan that provides access to coverage for the 41 million uninsured Americans, stimulates the economy and creates jobs. Gephardt is the first presidential candidate to detail his health care plan, but several of his rivals in the nine-way Democratic primary race plan to unveil their ideas to expand coverage in coming weeks.

The GOP has already slammed Gephardt for proposing a big government plan that doesn’t stimulate growth or job development. Like you guys have?

Let the debates begin.

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