Thursday :: Apr 24, 2003

BBC Chief Denounces Fox News Channel

by Steve

If you want to know the difference between US network news executives and their counterparts in the UK, you need to look no further than the comments yesterday by the director general of the BBC.

In a speech to a journalism conference in London, Mr. Dyke denounced the "gung-ho patriotism" of one US network covering the Iraq war and said it should not be allowed to happen in the BBC.

He said: "If Iraq proved anything, it was that the BBC cannot afford to mix patriotism and journalism.

"This is happening in the United States and if it continues will undermine the credibility of the US electronic news media."

He said impartiality meant giving a range of views, including those that were critical of the government.

"The whole culture of BBC journalism is based on the drive for accurate and impartial reporting.

"And we must never allow political influences to colour our reporting or cloud our judgement.

"Commercial pressures may tempt others to follow the Fox News formula of gung-ho patriotism but for the BBC this would be a terrible mistake.

"If, over time, we lost the trust of our audiences, there is no point to the BBC."

Something that doesn’t appear to be a concern of our conservative-dominated media.

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