Wednesday :: Apr 30, 2003

From the Mailbag

by Steve

I have been a registered Democrat for 28 years, but I still am surprised at some the mail I get from time to time. Two recent examples:

Today, over a month after the outbreak of the Iraq invasion and on the eve of Bush declaring that the war is over, I received the following letter from the Green Party:

“Dear Fellow Progressive:

What we have all dreaded has come about, and we are now at war. And as we write this letter, our worst fears about the war seem to be coming true. (Guys, are you still getting your news from Wells Fargo?)

We also know that most Democrats supported the march to war (really?), and are afraid to criticize the war or President Bush (only if you live inside the Beltway). A few Democratic candidates are running against the war, but it appears as if a pro-war candidate will win the Democratic nomination, leaving the Green Party as the only reliable voice against the war on the ballot in November 2004 (I think Howard Dean would disagree with you).

With the United States mired in a rogue war, and with the favored Democratic Party presidential hopefuls supporting that war, the need for a viable alternative has never been clearer….”

So aside from dissing the chances of Howard Dean and not watching cable news to know that the war has been over almost three weeks ago, the Greens appear to be running on a single issue anti-war platform, and trying to pilfer Democratic votes and give the presidency to George W. Bush again.

Lovely. Karl is happy.

On the same day I got this, along came the following:

“Dear Mr. Soto:

Will you join me for a Dinner honoring President George W. Bush on May 21st here in Washington, D. C.? And will you agree to serve as a Dinner Co-Chairman and the Inner Circle’s personal representative from Sacramento, California? (Uh, do you have the right Steve Soto?)

You see, all of us know about the strong commitment you’ve made over the years to the Republican Party. (This now explains the 9/11 intelligence failures).

Candidly, I have been hoping for awhile now that you would take more of a leadership role, particularly in helping to defend our Republican Senate majority. (Well, as they say, hope springs eternal. But I’d be happy to work on the inclusiveness campaign with Little Ricky Santorum, if you’d like).

In fact, to thank you for your help, we have commissioned an exclusive, limited edition, three-photograph series entitled “George W. Bush, the Second Year” (how can they get his second year in one three picture set? – Oh, that’s right. Here’s a picture of George telling us about the WMDs; here’s a picture of George telling us about corporate accountability; and here’s a picture of George flying to Crawford.)

In the face of overwhelming odds and in difficult times, we have accomplished a great deal thanks to your ongoing friendship and support. (When you own the White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, and K Street, and have a pliant Democratic opposition, how can that be overwhelming and difficult?)

With warm regards, I am sincerely yours,

Senator George Allen
Chairman, NRSC”

Well, I guess it’s good to feel wanted. I am happy to see that even the GOP can make mistakes.

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