Friday :: May 2, 2003

Your Turn to Play Consultant

by Steve

Much of the national political media is making a big deal out of tomorrow’s nine-way Democratic presidential candidates’ “debate” in South Carolina. As you can see from the Terry Neal column in today’s Washington Post, with the “war” over and the focus returning to domestic issues, the Beltway types seem to be actually looking forward to covering a political campaign again.

It would be hyperbole to suggest that tomorrow’s event is of great importance, except that the recent jabs thrown amongst the candidates seem to be spicing up the interest of the media in covering this event. Also, new poll numbers indicate that although Bush got a post-war bounce from Iraq, his approval ratings seems to be coming down again gradually in some polls, and on certain issues, Bush is in trouble with the voters.

But there are signs of weakness amid the indicators of strength. The poll found lingering concerns that the United States could get bogged down in Iraq and persistent worries that Bush has not paid enough attention to the economy.

Asked whom they trust to create more jobs, Bush trailed Democrats by 51 percent to 40 percent. Just 28 percent said they prefer Bush's proposed tax cut to spending the money on more government services, and 57 percent said the tax cut favors the rich. Only 10 percent of those surveyed said they are better off financially today than when Bush took office, with 48 percent saying they are worse off.

As a result of the recent activities between the candidates, and the weaknesses for Bush on some issues, tomorrow night is important to see which candidates can effectively attack Bush and handle each other, while emphasizing issues to their advantage.

To that end, I want to give you the opportunity to play political consultant. I will be doing this several times in the upcoming months, but I want to start this off keyed on tomorrow’s debate. Please weigh in with your thoughts as if you were a consultant for one of the candidates and send your comments along these lines:

Which candidate are you representing?

Which issues do you focus on tomorrow night?

Do you go after your fellow Democrats or try and stay above the fray and let others bruise each other?

Do you pointedly attack Bush and on what issues?

OK, it's your turn. Have at it.

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