Saturday :: May 17, 2003

Fabricated Jessica Lynch Rescue Story About to be Exposed

by Steve

Don’t look now, but a story that we highlighted over a week ago based on overseas media articles is finally gaining traction here in the States. As we discussed here a while back, the Jessica Lynch “rescue” story underwent a critical review by the BBC, the Toronto Star, and the Times of London, amongst others. And the more these unembedded, unsycophantic media sources looked into the circumstances surrounding her “rescue” the more the story looked like a Rovian-managed effort to use Hollywood to turn media coverage towards the party line and buck up the resolve of all true believers. And it worked.

Until now. The BBC will be running a story on one of their weekend TV news magazines that will state that the whole “rescue” was a fraud. And bravely, Don Melvin of Cox News Service reported on it today and Cox got it picked up in a number of news outlets today. The BBC story, by Guardian correspondent John Kampfner, is already being picked up in overseas outlets, including those in Australia, and in the Arab world with Al-Jazeerah.

How long will it be before one of the US newsmagazines (hello 60 Minutes) will feel embarrassed and shamed enough from being outworked by a foreign competitor on a news story right underneath their noses to cover it themselves?

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