Monday :: May 19, 2003

Another Bush Rat Jumps Ship

by Steve

Another rat jumps off the ship. Press Prevaricator Ari Fleischer is leaving his White House media intimidator job by July to enter the private sector and cash in. Being married now and after telling so many lies in less than a full first term, Fleischer apparently wants to get out before the election campaign begins so that he won’t have to tell his kids what kind of sleazeball he really was.

So to assuage his conscience, he will go into the private sector to make tons of money telling corporate clients the secrets on how the White House can lie to the American people, bludgeon the press into total submission, and make the world a more dangerous place.

Helen Thomas is laughing somewhere now.

As I said when Daniels left, and as I will say whenever a member of this jackal-pack departs, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out Ari. You came in with a good reputation with the media, and you are departing with that reputation in tatters because of your treatment of the press and your outright lies.

Since we now know that Daniels left before he was named in an Indiana Attorney General investigation, is it possible that Fleischer is leaving because for some reason Rove felt he was a liability going into the campaign?

Regardless of the reason Ari, your pathetic performance makes the job that Mike McCurry did look all the more impressive. Take your overrated ass and leave. Go cash in. You’ll be paid well, and that’s all that matters for the GOP.

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