Monday :: May 19, 2003

More Talk About Kerry Self-Financing

by Steve

Recent GOP attacks on Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry have increased the likelihood that Kerry will be able to access some of his wife’s family fortune to go after the GOP. According to US News and World Report “Washington Whispers” columnist Paul Bedard today,

Uh-oh, now they've done it. Critics of Teresa Heinz Kerry's unorthodox and outspoken views have the fabulously rich wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry reaching for her $550 million can of whup-ass. Originally reserved to counter GOP sniping at her hubby, Heinz Kerry is now open to spending some of her ketchup fortune on a counterattack. "The assumption," says a friend, "was always that the attacks would be on him, not her." But now: "The attacks on her have exponentially increased the likelihood of her tapping the fortune." Heinz Kerry, previously married to ketchup heir Sen. John Heinz, who died in a plane crash, has been ridiculed by Republicans for recent statements promoting Botox treatments, prenuptial agreements, and feeding rabbits to kids. One critic compared her to egomaniac Donald Trump, calling Mrs. H.K. "the Teresa." If Republicans don't shut up, warns one of her friends, she'll give Kerry a war chest that would dwarf anything President Bush could collect. "It would be George Bush's worst nightmare," says the friend.

Of course, this could all be a cover for a decision that was already made to self-finance the Kerry campaign. But it does make for intriguing theater to think that the Kerry campaign can drop a quick $50 million into a broad multimedia attack against Bush and the GOP. Now if they only had a first rate strategist who could do something with that money…

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