Thursday :: May 22, 2003

A Virtual March For Our Veterans

by Steve

Natasha and Mary over at The Watch have developed the idea of a virtual march on Senators and Representatives back in Washington to demand their support of veterans programs and benefits while they consider budget-busting tax cuts.

It is a great idea, and my apologies for only getting this up today. What you can do is call your Senator or Representative’s office today and demand that they fully fund education benefits for veterans’ families, health care for veterans and their families, and commitments made to Korean War and WW II veterans on their retirement benefits when appropriation bills are considered this summer and fall.

From The Watch:

Please take some time today to call your legislators and tell them that you would like real support for our troops. The kind that includes health care funding, full educational funding for their children, and the fulfillment of promises made to WWII and Korean War veterans about retirement benefits.
If you opposed the war, but want to show that you support the men and women who fought it on our behalf, ask the government to remember them when budget appropriation time comes around. Parades and handshakes don't pay the doctor bills, they don't educate children, they don't take care of you in old age.

What you can do: Tell everybody, make a phone call.
Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

For local numbers, you can look them up at You can always call local offices when the main DC numbers are busy.

It is worth a call or two today, especially since Bush is leaving these brave men and women behind while he plays Top Gun and goes AWOL in 1972-73.


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