Monday :: May 26, 2003

Kurtz Exposes Judith Miller and Her WMD Source

by Steve

We now know why previously-respected NY Times journalist Judith Miller had no credibility on the issue of WMDs, and her sloppy sourcing while being embedded during the invasion. Guess who the source was for Miller and the NYT for the WMD stories that they ran which have been found so far to be groundless?

Ahmad Chalabi, he of the discredited Iraqi National Congress fame, whom the CIA and the State Department feel has no credibility. But as long as Rummy feels you are credible, and as long as the NYT has no problem with being led around by the nose by such a felon, then everything is OK in love and war, right?

Now only if Kurtz could stop crapping on his competitors and start holding the White House accountable for its lies, we may be better off.

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