Tuesday :: May 27, 2003

Two New Ipsos Polls Reflect Post-Iraq Problems for GOP and Bush

by Steve

If you think Bush is unbeatable and that the younger voters have turned towards Bush and against the Democratic Party, check out these two fresh polls from Ipsos-Insight and Ipsos Public Affairs/Cook Political Report.

According to the latest poll on consumer confidence from Ipsos-Insight (formerly Ipsos-Reid), consumer confidence is slipping again after Iraq.

And according to a fresh poll from Ipsos Public Affairs and Charlie Cook, the Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular are suffering sharp drop-offs in support from voters in the 18-29 age group since Iraq.

In particular, check out the drop in re-elect numbers for Bush in the poll, especially amongst the younger voters. And also check out the sentiments of the same voter group when it comes to the generic 2004 race between Republicans and Democrats.

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