Thursday :: May 29, 2003

Let's See How Popular Bush Really Is-Repeal the 22nd Amendment

by Steve

I have said it in passing before, and I will say it again and again over time. The Republicans who feel that Geroge W. Bush is the greatest president in modern times next to Reagan have a way to prove their steadfast convictions:

Repeal the 22nd Amendment.

There is at least one ex-president who would be interested in such a move.

To those of us who spend too much time on politics and are way too discouraged at the wimpish posture of most Democrats today, we yearn for opportunities that call us into political battle. For me quite simply, a campaign between W and Bill Clinton would be my political nirvana. Yes, Clinton is flawed, made too many mistakes, didn't show enough conviction to core Democratic values. And many of you would be loathe probably to let him back on stage again. But for every one of you who says it is time for the next generation of Democratic leaders to rise and take charge, I will show you our current crop of Democratic leaders to rebut that. Most of our leaders in their rush to distance themselves from Clinton's personal flaws managed to forget his political lessons.

It is one thing for Ari and W to tar Clinton from time to time with responsibility for Bush's failings. It is one thing for Rove to run roughshod over the pack of Democratic candidates and their consultants.

It is another for Bush and Rove to have to put up or shut up and go toe to toe with the Big Dog himself and his consultants over the length of a campaign, having to defend his own record from Clinton's counterpunching. And I would surmise that wisened Clinton the next time around would do things a little differently. His wife may not be happy with such talk, but Bill will have to deal with that, not me.

For those of you who say that Rove would destroy Clinton, I politely disagree. After eight years of Bush, Clinton would mop the floor against either W or Jeb. And the GOP would love to have another crack at Clinton. But it would be a fatal mistake, and drive the Democratic base back out to the polls as well.

Everyone can have a political dream. This is mine.

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