Tuesday :: Jun 3, 2003

Rove Forces Bush to Backtrack on "Screw the Poor" Tax Cut Exclusion

by Steve

After allowing Cheney to torpedo the poor out of last week's child exemption expansion, and letting Ari say that only people who pay taxes should get relief, Rove has seen the beginning of a firestorm and told Bush to support a fix.

Both GOP and Democratic senators have plans to extend the benefits to the working poor, with Senator Grassley using the opportunity to shamelessly add more tax cuts to the "fix", rather than just deal with the problem itself. Senators Snowe and Lincoln have a plan to deal with the fix only by closing business tax credits, which is the appropriate way to handle this.

According to the White House, Bush wants to "get this thing done." Yeah right. You and your slimeball Halliburton-enriched Veep got caught sticking it to the poor, and your political brain told you smartly "sorry Boss, it didn't work. We need to make this go away as soon as possible."

So what happened to the "only those paying taxes should get relief" argument? It went to the same place as the other rockhard economic principles that this team stands for: into the dumper when they get challenged and exposed, or when they see a political problem that can be dealt with. But let's see which fix Bush really will support.

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