Saturday :: Jun 7, 2003

Your Neighbors May Really Care About the Bush WMD Lies After All

by Steve

For those of you who question the effectiveness of sending letters to the editor of your local paper to complain about their coverage or to provide anti-Bush comment on opinion pieces or stories run it the paper, I give you this as Exhibit A as to why it is important to do it anyway. Over the last two and a half years, I have ceaselessly been writing letters to the Sacramento Bee complaining about pro-Bush bias in their news coverage and story placement. For the most part, I have written every thirty days and have been published over a dozen times in the last two and a half years. Initially, my letters were the lone anti-Bush letters in the paper on the days that they were published. Then as each month passed, I was joined by one, then two, then four more letters making the same points I was.

If you don’t think people are paying attention to the WMD deception issue, and if you think the polls accurately depict the public’s total acceptance of the “we won, all is well in Iraq and Afghanistan, who cares about WMDs” mantra from the White House, then check out these letters. I also believed these polls until today when I saw this. (There had to be one or two pro-Bush letters on this subject, right? Where are they?) This was from today’s edition of the Bee, and look past the nimrod that wrote the second letter. Keep in mind that the city of Sacramento is the lone Democratic stronghold, except for Davis next door in Yolo County. The rest of the surrounding suburbs, especially to the east are GOP strongholds.

Folks, the WMD story may have legs after all. Write those letters to your local papers and TV stations and let them know it is a big deal to you. You may be surprised how many of your neighbors agree with you.

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