Friday :: Jun 13, 2003

Why Bush Has Nothing to Fear From the New Republic

by Steve

Ryan Lizza of the New Republic posted a piece yesterday that indicates some of the Democratic candidates are afraid of going after Bush on the WMD issue because they themselves made statements about Saddam’s possession of WMDs that may now be false. As I said in response to Terry Neal’s Washington Post piece yesterday, such an argument is full of crap. Any Democrat who wanted to tag Bush over the WMD lies can do easily by simply saying that they made their vote and WMD statements last fall based on the Intel that they were provided by the Administration, which now appears to be cooked. The question is whether these Dems have the guts to do it.

Lizza does make some interesting comments about the candidates who are speaking out, namely Bob Graham, whom Lizza implies is looking “out there” to his competitors. Of course this is contrary to what others were reporting earlier in the week when it was said that the other candidates are waiting to see if Graham scores with this “Bush is a liar” line of attack before they jump on a similar bandwagon. At least Lizza mentions that it may be possible that Graham is jumping out like this because he knows more on the subject than the others.

But for Lizza to blame the lack of opposition attack on this as one of Democratic culpability, rather than a lack of guts is pure, typical inside-the-Beltway Washington horseshit. This is another example of how George W. Bush gets a kids-glove treatment from lazy, scribbling types like Lizza, while smearing Democrats at the same time.

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