Tuesday :: Jun 17, 2003

Open Thread, and a CD Recommendation

by Steve

Here’s an open thread for you tonight. As I said at the end of today’s thread, I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. Too much work, too many thought-draining meetings during the day, yada yada yada. I’m not able to post as much material as I want to, and if work doesn’t get better soon (which I’m sure it won’t for a couple of months,) I’ll be making adjustments with the blog for the better. More details on that later.

Well, at least the new Steely Dan CD is out. Hell, Everything Must Go is so good, even the National Review/Wall Street Journal types like it. The CD, like Steely Dan themselves, is an acquired taste, and sounds better every time you play it. And the overarching theme of the CD tracks with some of the comments in today’s thread. But enough for the album review.

Have at it, and I’ll see what develops tomorrow.

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