Thursday :: Jun 19, 2003

Bipartisan Senate Move to Rescind Powell-Led FCC Giveaway

by Steve

Something truly remarkable is about to happen in Washington. In a town awash in special interest money and lying money-grubbing weasels like Billy Tauzin and George W. Bush, the United States Senate is about to pass a law with a significant bipartisan block of support that would undo the recent FCC action to relax media ownership rules.

In a direct and total rebuke to FCC Chairman Michael Powell, and to President Bush and Tauzin, who both supported the FCC’s narrow 3-2 vote to hand the media airwaves over to more conservative GOP campaign contributors in the name of “diversity,” the Senate is about to pass a bill that not only reinstates the limits, but even goes farther to force GOP behemoths like Clear Channel and Infinity to divest themselves of some stations. And this is coming from Republicans like Ted Stevens and John McCain.

Why are the Senators doing this, when they get a lot of campaign dough from these same companies? Because these same senators got over 750,000 pieces of mail and faxes protesting the FCC’s action. And since Bush and many in the House GOP strongly supported the FCC move, you would think that the Dems could do something with this next year. And if you are afraid that it will be for naught on the assumption that the DeLay crazies in the House will kill it, note that Stevens will be attaching the measure to an appropriations bill for maximum leverage.

Sometimes the right thing can be done in Washington, after all. Send an email to your Senator or congressmember urging support for the FCC rollback.

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