Friday :: Jun 20, 2003

Dean and Kerry Take More Direct Attack on Bush (Lack Of) Credibility

by Steve

Well, at least other leading Democrats are finally speaking up and taking a hard line against Bush on the WMD issue, going so far finally as to question Bush’s truthfulness. Until now, it seemed that only Bob Graham had the guts to step out and directly challenge Bush’s credibility on the selling of the war. But this week, both Howard Dean and John Kerry, after the campaigns of Graham’s competitors insinuated that Graham was “out there” in his criticisms of Bush on WMDs, decided to also directly attack Bush’s lack of integrity.

Dean told the Associated Press Tuesday that Bush was not truthful to the American people about Iraq’s WMDs, and that a Republican Congress could not be trusted to investigate this matter. He called for an independent inquiry on the matter.

Similarly, Kerry also took a sharper line against Bush, alleging the Bush “misled every one of us.” Kerry’s reemergence from a period of some silence seems to have coincided with a spurt to the lead in some polls, including a now-ten point lead over Dean in New Hampshire.

As expected, Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt have yet to follow suit.

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