Friday :: Jun 20, 2003

New Contributors

by Steve

As most of you have noticed over the last several days and weeks, I have been stretched thin in keeping fresh material posted to the LeftCoaster due to work commitments. Rather than allow this to continue and have the blog suffer dead time, I have asked several frequent commenters to assist as contributors to the blog as they are able in an effort to ensure that maybe more material will be available here.

I am happy to report that Mary, CA Pol Junkie, and Matt Davis will be coming aboard in the days ahead to weigh in when they can with posts. I am looking forward to these additional perspectives and commentary. And I will continue posting as much as I can.

Lord knows that I own no monopoly on commentary or analysis, so I appreciate the diversity that such contributions will represent. There may be some technical glitches that arise but I hope to work through these. Please show these fine folks the same outstanding consideration that you extend to me.

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