Friday :: Jun 27, 2003

The Good Old Days

by dj moonbat

Posted by Matt Davis

CalPundit has a good post about the administration sanitizing its EPA reports. It made me nostalgic for early 2001, before everything changed.

You remember 2001, right? In January, not even a month after the Supreme Court chose Bush to be our new President, Bush was sworn in. And all over the land, indignant lefties bemoaned the injustice. And we knew that things would be ugly.

The EPA stuff is the kind of thing we expected. Dick Cheney worked with energy companies in secret to determine our energy policy. Bush pulled out of Kyoto, then the International Criminal Court. This stuff really got me pissed off, as it did to lefties everywhere.

But that stuff we all expected. It was entirely consistent with the anti-regulation, pro-business Republican Party we had all grown to know and hate.

But then 19 fanatics brought down a chunk of the New York skyline, and the Republicans pulled out all the stops. Two wars. The USA-Patriot Act. Secret Detentions. The ominously named Department of Homeland Security. A litany of outrages poured out of the White House on a near-daily basis.

So now, something vastly improper, like phonying up an EPA report on global warming, fades into the background. "Outrage fatigue" is one way to explain it, perhaps. But it's also a bit like juggling--one can't keep one's focus on any particular outrage, because it's already time to focus on the next one.

One of the Bush administration's stunning victories is that they have kept the Left off balance with this endless and audacious stream of actions that would be beyond the pale if we lived in less extraordinary times. We can call them on things all we want, but the country is too scared to listen.

I miss the good old days.

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