Sunday :: Jun 29, 2003

Back From the Mountains

by Steve

Having returned from a quick weekend trip out of town, I am glad to see the site was in the fine and capable hands of our contributing editors. If you’ll indulge me, I’ll be putting up several short posts to get caught up on a few things.

First, give credit to Washington Post Ombudsman Michael Getler, who in today’s paper went against the grain of his own editors and ran a column critical of the Post on its coverage of the Jessica Lynch story. The Post, as you may remember, took the credit for its exclusive original story of the courageous Private Lynch, who we were told held off Iraqi forces until her ammo ran out, and then was mistreated in captivity by Iraqi forces until she was brilliantly rescued from a hostile situation by our special forces. Except that all of this manufactured story with Pentagon assistance was nothing but crap, like the WMD stories that the New York Times’ Judith Miller constructed with Pentagon help. Now Getler, after the Post took a stab back on June 17th to reclaim its credibility on the matter, runs a column today with still more questions as to why the Post took so long to clean up its mess on this. A partial answer may lie in the fact that one of the reporters on the original piece of GOP propaganda was none other than Sue (“Steno Sue”) Schmidt, who disgraced herself with her Ken Starr-fed, one-sided anti-Clinton screeds stemming from the Lewinsky debacle. It is clear that the editors of the Post have a blind spot for Schmidt, but Getler deserves congrats for holding his bosses accountable for their lazy acceptance of accountability in the Lynch matter. You can email Getler at and thank him for staying on this and holding his editors accountable on this story.

Second, if you read the Fox News Sunday interview transcript from today, it appears that Joe Biden will also throw his hat in the ring in October. It seems to me from reading this that he plans to run to the right of the field, with some assumed knowledge of how things are going on the ground in the Middle East. He has no problem saying the war was fine, but is able to make the point that the imminent threat angle was exaggerated and was not necessary to justify removing Saddam. The problem for Biden is that Bob Graham already occupies the territory that Biden seeks to claim, and Graham brings along Florida to boot. Plus, Graham has never plagiarized Neil Kinnock in one of his speeches, as far as I know.

Third, Senators Biden, Hagel, McCain and Dodd all told the Sunday chatfests today that the Bush Administration must move towards a multinational police force as soon as possible in Iraq, due to the deteriorating situation. Biden called for getting NATO in there as soon as possible, saying that our troops that he talked to directly support the idea. Both McCain and Hagel now support bringing in other countries, even the despised Europeans, right away. This amounts to a major loss for Rumsfeld and the PNAC cabal, no matter how they try and spin it with Rummy’s recent comments that he wants an international police force.

Fourth, no matter what you see in the photo ops from Rove-land showing smiling and enthusiastic soldiers supporting their Commander in Chief, take a look at this editorial in Army Times and tell me the troops don’t see what is really going on with the GOP’s lack of support for our troops. Now if only a Democratic presidential candidate could make an issue of this and undercut Bush’s alleged support from the troops…

Lastly, in an effort to get a jump on the rest of the field with the second quarter fundraising reports, the Dean campaign reports with glee that they expect to report a second quarter total of $6 million in contributions.

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