Wednesday :: Jul 2, 2003

Outrage Fatigue? Not Hardly

by dj moonbat

Posted by Matt Davis

Well, my outrage fatigue is going into remission. I know everyone's blogging this most recent outrage, but just in case you haven't seen, "Bring them on" says our Commander in Thief, daring Iraqi insurgents to waste our soldiers:

Saying U.S. troops were capable of responding to ambush attacks in Iraq, President Bush maintained Wednesday such violence would not undercut his resolve to keep Americans there until stability was restored. "My answer is: Bring them on," he said of the hit-and-run attackers. "We have the force necessary to deal with the situation."

I am sure that our troops and their families feel a lot safer now that G-Dub has reminded everyone that red-blooded Americans aren't worried about a little guerrilla warfare.

This may be the most outrageous thing G-Dub has ever said. It's hard to tell, because the competition is fierce. But defying shadowy irregular troops to kill our men and women in the field is way, way up there. I hope the VFW rebukes this disgusting display of jingoistic insensitivity.

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