Friday :: Jul 4, 2003

Happy Independence Day, But a Troubling Weekend for Bush

by Steve

First off everyone, please have a happy and healthy Independence Day. And while we enjoy our weekend, please keep in your thoughts and prayers our troops, who have been put into a life and death struggle because of the faulty assumptions, inept planning, deceptive arguments, and moronic comments of an alleged president who deserves impeachment.

As a first step to our own independence in the next sixteen months, I will have more on the Truth “Corps” idea over the weekend. I and my contributing editors are going over the posts to the original idea and will have another post up soon to begin the organization phase of the effort. The next post will ask for people to specifically volunteer for certain activities, and I will want the technical/database development volunteers to begin corresponding with each other to start that work, as well as those of you who have volunteered to host the initial efforts. I will also be asking for senior topic editors, people who will be responsible for working with researchers looking for links, stories, documents, quotes, and leads that the senior topic editors can weave into a database that the technical folks can then assemble and post. We will also need volunteers to handle the assembly of media contact lists, as well as spotters, who will focus on tracking the White House and campaign travel schedules so that we can get the information to the reporters traveling with Bush, and the editors and columnists as well.

Now, back to the news.

Following on the heels of an earlier UN report that discredited any Bush Administration claims of an Al Qaeda-Saddam link, the CIA has now come out and confirmed the same: despite administration pressure to find to the contrary, the CIA in a CYA maneuver now says there was no evidence of a direct and ongoing link between Bin Laden and Saddam. More importantly in the CIA review, the report confirms that the CIA based its estimates about Saddam’s weapons programs on old 1998 data, and assumptions about what Saddam could have done in the intervening five years, not hard evidence. Without inspectors on the ground, the CIA seems to be saying they had no choice. Yet wasn’t that the argument the world community was making, that you needed more time for the IAEA inspectors to gather data before invading?

And a new University of Maryland poll shows that a majority of those questioned now feel that the Bush Administration at the least “stretched the truth” if not outright lied about Saddam’s weapons programs. On the question of a Saddam-Al Qaeda connection, 56 percent now believe that Bush stretched the truth or lied about such a connection.

In the face of the obvious realities on the ground, the commanding US general in the theater contradicted his commander in chief by declaring that the war is still ongoing.

A group of senators just returning from Iraq say we are stretched way too thin in that country, confirming that what recently retired General Shinseki said was correct and what Wolfie said was wrong.

And the anger of the soldiers’ families here at home over their loved ones’ fates in Iraq is starting to boil over.

So enjoy your weekend with the knowledge that through our efforts in the coming months with the media and with the seeds of discontent amongst our people, we can and will take these guys down next year.

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