Wednesday :: Jul 9, 2003

9/11 Commission Blasts Administration for Stonewalling

by Steve

These are the days when Karl Rove realizes he cannot control everything the way he wants. The 9/11 Commission, with its Bush handpicked chair Tom Kean taking the lead, tagged the White House yesterday for failing to cooperate with its inquiry. The commission says that due to the delays, it needs more time to finish its work, which is currently scheduled to finish by next May. Kean went so far as to state that the requirement that CIA “minders” be present while CIA witnesses are providing testimony amounted to intimidation by the Administration. Apparently John Ashcroft has required that all intelligence officials must be interviewed in the presence of agency officials. The Times ran an editorial today taking the administration to task for its stonewalling.

Several of the commission requests for information are not being met. One is for access to the North American Aerospace Defense Command records for that day. This is noteworthy because independent journalists uncovered months ago that the usual FAA protocols for air space restrictions and national defense response from the Air Force were not in place on 9/11. One of the main points of contention since 9/11 has been why there was no fighter response after the first tower was struck; some even feel the existing FAA restrictions, if followed, would have provided for Air Force interception of the first plane as well. This, coupled with the rejection of the Rudman/Hart Commission recommendations by the Administration, which they had in their possession since at least February 2001, already poses problems for Bush. This is before you get into the intelligence questions of what he knew and when did he ignore it.

Is anyone surprised at these developments? Don’t they track with the comments that Bob Graham has been making for awhile? And how long will it be before the families of the victims lose the remainder of their patience and blast Bush for a coverup?

What does Bush have to hide?

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