Thursday :: Jul 10, 2003

For Karl Rove, the Bad News Keeps Coming

by Steve

Another bad day for Karl: While he intended for Boy George to grab some cheap “I’m a concerned statesman” headlines by leaving behind the WMD mess and going to Africa for a couple of days, pesky things like quagmires and weak economies keep undercutting Rove’s message control. Two more US soldiers were killed overnight in Mr. Bush’s “security issue” problem, and new reports on unemployment show how bad things are.

The media is now quick to see the misdirection plays from the Bushies, like yesterday when Rumsfeld tried to tell the Senate Armed Services Committee that the invasion was not the result of new information on WMDs but because of 9/11, contrary to what he and others said in the months leading up to war. The Washington Postís Mike Allen and Dana Milbank nailed Bush in a Page One story this morning about his skirting of WMD questions while in Africa. Plus, the Nationís David Corn trotted out more evidence over the last day or so that Bush lied about WMDs.

Well, at least they still like your boy, Karl, and would vote for him again easily. Oops, that’s no longer true. (Hello Al, how ya been the last several months?)

Well, at least your boy maintains his high-60’s approval ratings, right? Oops, that’s no longer true either, sixteen months before the election.

Like Mary said: “drip…drip…drip….”

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