Saturday :: Jul 12, 2003

2000 Campaign Quotes Good Source of Misery for Bush

by Steve

If you want to see a clipping from the 2000 campaign that will make your day, check out this AP report on the second Gore-Bush debate to see what Bush believed in 2000, as compared to now (thanks to and Interesting Times):

I think credibility is important,'' Bush said, when asked whether Gore's exaggerations were a serious issue. “It's going to be important for the president to be credible with Congress, important for the president to be credible with foreign nations. It's something people need to consider - I think this is an issue.''

When Gore continued to criticize Bush for failing to justify his large tax cut plan, the Texas governor shot back: ``That's the kind of exaggeration I was just talking about.''

Gore responded icily: “I wasn't the one having trouble explaining.''

Bush praised the Clinton-Gore administration's policies in the Mideast and in Yugoslavia. “I appreciate the way the administration has worked hard to calm the tensions'' in the Mideast, the Texas governor said.

But Bush also criticized the administration for a policy of “nation building'' in hotspots such as Somalia, where U.S. troops were killed. “The mission was changed and as a result our troops paid the price,'' Bush said.

Well, it looks like a review of the Bush quotes from the 2000 debates should yield a treasure trove of damaging lines.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Bush.

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