Sunday :: Jul 13, 2003

Mysterious Evidence Proves British Intelligence Was Right

by Mary

Pressure on the Blair government continues to grow for them to prove their claim that Iraq was trying to acquire nuclear material in Africa.

The British response, reiterated yesterday by Downing Street, is to insist that their evidence is based not on the forged documents but on entirely separate material from a foreign intelligence agency. If so, why has Britain been unable to convince Washington that the claim is genuine?

Charges and counter-charges were lobbed back and forth in Britain yesterday and Jack Straw declared that they did too have proof that they couldn't share with the US because they got it from another country. This explanation doesn't seem to satisfy the British critics.

Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary who has become a trenchant critic of the Government's case for war against Iraq, said that it 'stretched credibility' to say that the Americans and the British had failed to share such basic information.

But wait! Condi Rice asserts she believes that the British intelligence was correct and had not been based solely on the forged Niger documents.

Asked whether she or her colleagues in the administration had seen such additional British evidence, Rice said: "The British have reasons, because of the arrangements that they made, apparently, in receiving those sources, that they cannot share them with us. We have every reason to believe that the British services are quite reliable."

Yet more faith-based intelligence. Inquiring minds want to know, does Condi believe in the Easter Bunny too?

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