Monday :: Jul 14, 2003

The Post Nails Rice and Fleischer in Lies and Contradictions

by Steve

Read this Page One story in tomorrow’s Washington Post by Dana Milbank and Dana Priest (with background help notably by Walter Pincus, the CIA’s best friend at the Post), and see how this story catches Condi Rice and Ari Fleischer in a web of lies and contradictions over damn near everything they have said over the last week.

But even more incredible is Bush’s assertion today that the CIA didn’t express its concerns over the SOTU African story until after the speech, when his own people verified over the weekend that the CIA in fact did change one of his speeches three months earlier. Is it just me, or is Bush dissembling into a pack of lies and brain-muddle when he gets under pressure? Does the man get briefed on what is in the papers or what his people are saying out there?

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