Tuesday :: Jul 15, 2003

Bush Losing Ground With Over-50 Voting Block

by Steve

In an Ipsos/Cook Political poll released yesterday, a majority of those polled who are aged 50 or over are now turning against Bush’s performance on the economy (44% approve/53% disapprove) and domestic issues (45% approve/51% disapprove). The poll concluded on July 8th, which was before the lies and misstatements on the Niger uranium story came to a head, so even the Ipsos/Cook numbers favoring Bush on foreign affairs may look different the next time the poll is updated.

Also, remember that the public really doesn’t understand yet what is in the GOP/Bush Medicare drug proposal, its large gaps in coverage, and has yet to realize that it does not even take effect until 2006. Nor does the public realize that despite Bush’s claims to be the man who can deliver a Medicare drug benefit, he has no intention of going against his conservative supporters’ desire for a dismantling of the program in the name of competitiveness and “reform”:

An administration official, who asked not to be identified, said Bush was able to win over so many conservative adherents because he pledged to make sure negotiations would produce a bill that passed ideological muster.

It is hard to see how Bush will be able to turn around these numbers with the 50-and-over voting block, unless they gain confidence in Bush on Medicare and Social Security, and feel that their children and grandchildren will not be saddled with Bush’s debt. And given today’s announcements of the mammoth deficits that Bush has caused, these things are not likely.

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