Wednesday :: Jul 16, 2003

Jim Hoagland Finally Gets Religion on the Bush Incompetence

by Steve

Our friend Jim Hoagland, the chief foreign policy writer for the Washington Post zings Bush today for his team’s lack of competence in the politicization of intelligence and the resulting fallout now over the Iraqi nuclear program “evidence.” It is good to see Hoagland turning the corner on this finally in showing the Bushies to be nothing more than a bunch of overrated political zealots masquerading as a foreign policy A Team.

But as Josh Marshall points out today in his blog, it was the same Hoagland last fall that took the side of the amateurs in the PNAC cabal against the professionals in the intelligence community. And the Guardian tomorrow shows how those amateurs under George Bush’s approving nose corrupted the intelligence community to serve a political agenda.

Nevertheless, you can still send a note to Hoagland and congratulate him for finally noticing what we have known for months. Besides, if a lowly blogger like me had to tell him about the bogus nature of the “45-minute” claim, maybe he can be educated after all. His email address is

Well, at least the Brits will be wise to us when the PNAC guys try and make Iran their next deceptive march to an election-diversion war.

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