Thursday :: Jul 17, 2003

More Credibility Challenges for Rice and McClellan

by Steve

Take a look at Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo today to see how Stephen Hadley and Condi Rice will be implicated before all is said and done on the Niger fiasco. Marshall’s piece confirms from another source that it was Robert Joseph of the NSA who insisted that the African uranium reference be in the SOTU even though the CIA was on record of having doubts with the claim. As a result, there is no way that Hadley, who dealt with Tenet months earlier about the October speech, and Rice herself can claim that they knew nothing about the Agency’s concerns on the matter. In other words, Rice has been lying.

Second, Marshall posts the transcript of today’s press briefing by presidential weasel Scott McClellan, who was totally unable to give a straight answer to any of the media’s questions on the SOTU. McClellan would not even accept that the president is responsible for what comes out of his month. And this is coming from the man who beat Al Gore up for responsibility and credibility.

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