Saturday :: Jul 19, 2003

Around the ‘Zines and Sites

by Steve

Here is a tour around some of the magazines and other websites you may want to check this weekend.

The New Republic has several pieces posted that are of interest:

Ryan Lizza explains how the other Democratic candidates are trying to spin Dean’s rise as being good for them. Peter Beinert shows how the Bushies’ effort to point at George Tenet is a device to steer the media away from the true culprits in the SOTU debacle: Condi Rice’s NSA and Dick Cheney. Jonathan Chait questions the assumptions of Dean supporters that a candidate running openly from the liberal wing of the party can win in the general election, no matter how blunt-speaking they are. And Michael Crowley and Spencer Ackerman point out how current Senate Intelligence Committee chair Pat Roberts of Kansas and ranking member Jay Rockefeller will ensure by their actions or failures that we will never find out anything embarrassing to the White House from the current WMD inquiry.

Over at The Nation, David Corn has two pieces up: the first points out that in its efforts to smear Ambassador Joseph Wilson over his revelations about the phony Niger uranium stories, the White House managed to expose an intelligence asset: Wilson’s wife. And John Nichols points out that the death of Dr. David Kelly will lead to inquiries that will damage Tony Blair’s credibility even further, which given how much Bush has tied his wagon to Blair’s star lately can only be bad for them. Matt Bivens in his weblog, recounts how the White House went after an ABC reporter for his story about declining troop morale in Iraq by smearing him to Matt Drudge on his country of origin and his sexual preference. And Eric Alterman writes on how Bush is starting to resemble Lyndon B. Johnson as the latter saw his public support erode from Vietnam.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting points out that the media needs to focus its energies to the other lies told by the Bushies in the months leading up to the war. There is far more to question than the “sixteen little words.”

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities reports in several entries that the Bush tax cuts are the culprit for the burgeoning budget deficits, not the Administration’s claims about the war or 9/11. And CBPP points out how the Administration is actually understating the size of the deficits in the coming years.

This should be enough for many to chew on this weekend.

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