Tuesday :: Jul 22, 2003

Hadley’s Defense: Sorry, I Forgot

by Steve

Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley just apologized for allowing the SOTU to have the African uranium claim in it. So he is taking the fall for his subordinate Robert Joseph sticking the claim in there at Cheney’s urging. And they think this will take care of the matter?

Hadley now admits that George Tenet got him to remove a similar claim from the October speech, after two memos and a phone call. But after even that level of objection by the CIA three months earlier, Hadley simply forgot this in January when Joseph put the SOTU together and allowed the claim to go forward. Worse yet, Hadley still insists that nobody had a problem with the original version of the SOTU passage, which they want us to believe always was attributed to the Brits.

Hadley’s apology also damages not only his credibility, but also that of his boss, who wanted us to believe that no one at her level knew of the concerns surrounding the Niger uranium claims. If Condi Rice’s Number Two had received two memos and a phone call in October from Tenet about the uranium claims, how plausible is it that she didn’t know herself?

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