Thursday :: Jul 24, 2003

The 9/11 Report is [-------]!

by Mary

by CA Pol Junkie

The 9/11 Report has arrived, in all its redacted glory. I'm still working through it, but here are some interesting sections:

Part Two, Section XIII, items D (Intelligence about Bin Laden's Intentions to Strike Inside the United States), E (Indications of a Possible Terrorist Attack in Spring and Summer 2001) and F (Intelligence Information on Possible Terrorist Use of Airplanes as Weapons) (pages 198-215). Section F is certain to make Condoleeza Rice squirm, as it says

"The Joint Inquiry confirmed that, before September 11, the Intelligence Community produced at least twelve reports over a seven-year period suggesting that terrorists might use airplanes as weapons."

Yet you still "did not conceive" of airplanes being used as missiles, Dr. Rice?

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