Saturday :: Jul 26, 2003

Bucking Bad Bush Environmental Policies

by Mary

Posted by Mary

Bush’s policies on so many fronts are shortsighted and ultimately dangerous for the future. As we start to understand the consequences of the war on Iraq, it is clear that the Bush administration has some serious problems with reality. Even now they are incapable of recognizing or admitting that there was anything wrong with their scheme. The American public will be paying for this policy for a number of years in both the lives of our soldiers and the treasury of our country. The terrible economic policies are another area where the greed and arrogance have robbed us of the capacity to plan for the retirement of the aging babyboomers while not cheating the young of their opportunities for education and a healthy productive life. In both cases, the policies will have significant impact on the people of America.

However, the mistakes this administration is making on the environment will significantly affect the future of everyone on this planet and so are even worse. The Bush policies on the environment are simply horrendous. It is very hard to understand how anyone who lives on this world could be so blind to the problems with these policies. Are they simply blind or do they imagine that somehow technology will save the day or are they so sure the world is coming to an end that they no longer think there is any reason to not exploit and use up any natural resource right now? What else would cause them to decide that they need to destroy the international treaty that limits the use of chemicals that are destroying the ozone?

On this front, there are signs that even Republicans are starting to believe there might be something dangerous about the Bush policies. Recently Salon reported that there is a bi-partisan group of Northeastern governors who are going to sign a historic agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. This agreement essentially will put them on track to fulfilling the Kyoto agreement despite the fact that the US has not signed this treaty. Yesterday, Mitt Romney joined with his Republican and Democratic counterparts in the Northeast on this issue. While the Bush administration is content to study the issue to death, others who are not so blind are anxious to try to mitigate the problems before it is too late. As I said in a column about Bush’s policy on global warming earlier this month:

One of the more ironic aspects of [the EPA report slighting global warming] is how the White House insists that the evidence for global warming be rock solid before we can act. Would only they require as much concrete evidence before deciding to preemptively start a war against Iraq.

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