Wednesday :: Jul 30, 2003

Bush Finally Takes Responsibility (Sort Of)

by Steve

Under the category of “Better Late Than Never”, Bush took responsibility for his SOTU claims, after allowing two others to fall on swords for him, and having successive press secretaries repeatedly dodge similar questions from the media for weeks.

And its good to see the values plank of the GOP platform being trotted out so soon. Howard Dean will be welcoming the Log Cabin Republicans aboard his campaign any day now. More interestingly however, is why Bush feels he needs to throw red meat to his right wing base at this time.

Why was it again that it took the White House nearly two years to formally ask the Saudis if we could interrogate a Saudi agent who is suspected of helping the 9/11 terrorists? Exactly how committed is this administration to finding out the truth about who was behind it if we waited this long to push the Saudis on this?

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