Monday :: Aug 4, 2003

Bush Caved On North Korea

by Steve

No doubt you have read by now about the progress that has been made over the last several days in defusing the North Korea crisis. According to various media reports, Pyongyang has agreed to multilateral talks to address their nuclear program and their security concerns. The Bush Administration has been spinning this as some sort of victory for them, in that they “got” Pyongyang to concede and come to the table without a precondition for one-on-one talks with Washington.

Yet Fred Kaplan of Slate points out that in fact it was Bush who blinked first. While many media outlets as usual bought the line that the North caved in, the truth is that Pyongyang has agreed months ago to multilateral talks, and Washington is just now taking advantage of this. Not that Undersecretary of State John (“Cuba has WMDs”) Bolton hasn’t tried to derail this latest chance for progress by trashing the North. And the White House is still fighting over this.

But according to Kaplan, the Washington Post reports that Bush has caved in by agreeing to one-on-one talks during the multilateral talks next month.

So in another hypocritical move, the Bushies cave in on something they could have had months ago if only we had a president who knew when to tell Cheney and Rummy to shut up and let progress go forward.

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