Wednesday :: Aug 6, 2003

The Gore Factor

by CA Pol Junkie

by CA Pol Junkie

There are rumblings about Al Gore jumping in the 2004 presidential race. Other than giving a speech on Iraq Thursday, he's not acting like he'll be a candidate. However, alot of people want him to run: there's a Draft Gore website, and now Mario Cuomo wants him in. Some Gore supporters just think he ought to be president (can't really argue with that), while others like Cuomo think that the Democratic Party needs to be "saved" from a vigorous, competitive primary season. I don't think Gore will do it because the same reasons why he declined a year ago still apply today and because jumping in now would give people who have poured their heart, time, and money into other campaigns a proverbial kick in the teeth.

Just for fun, though, let's think about what would happen. Everyone else's fundraising would dry up. Edwards and Graham, knowing they would be bugs on the windshield in the South, would have to end their campaigns. Lieberman would have to drop out or be in the awkward position of running against his former running mate. Gephardt and Kerry would persist as long as they could in the face of certain defeat, and Dean would run a jerrybrownian campaign right up to the convention but finish a distant second. What would we be left with? We might get Gore/Dean instead of Gore/Lieberman, but Gore the savior would turn into the same Gore we know from four years ago, respected but unable to connect to voters. Staying out of the race, Gore can be the conscience above the fray and help the Democratic nominee make it to the White House.

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