Monday :: Aug 11, 2003

Bush Should Shut Up On Iraq

by Steve

Less than three days after Bush said from the driveway in Crawford that things were getting safer in Iraq and that basic services were being provided to Iraqis, more than a half-dozen American troops have died or been injured over the weekend, and the southern city of Basra has faced violent strikes due to the lack of electricity and water. Four American soldiers were injured in guerrilla attacks yesterday. And according to the Boston Globe, the CIA went on record with the Administration in the spring about the likelihood of a guerrilla war in Iraq after the collapse of the Hussein regime, yet were rebuffed by the Rummy/Cheney/Rice cabal because it didn’t fit their assumptions that we would be welcomed as liberators. How hard will it be for the cabal to wash the blood of scores of US soldiers off their hands?

In both the volatile Sunni triangle and the previously less volatile south, violence has been on the upswing, driven by broken US promises on basic services, pay, and jobs. Despite the assurances from Paul Bremer that all is getting better, the locals say that it will in fact get worse. It doesn’t help that our troops are mistakenly killing the same Iraqi police officers we just trained.

Bush is hearing critical voices from influential members of his own party, as Dick Lugar tagged the Administration yesterday for their faulty and inadequate planning for a post-war Iraq.

Perhaps it would be better for Bush’s poll numbers if he just shut up from now on about Iraq. Every time he opens his mouth, more troops die.

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